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About Us

Shree Vinayak Metals

“Committed to Quality Committed to you”

Shree Vinayak Metals established in 2013 as a trader and evolved as a manufacturers fastening excellence & quality business. Our products includes Aluminium Ingots, Aluminium Notchbar, Aluminium Cubes, Aluminium Shots etc. in varaible purity as required by customer. We strive for open and honest business who are looking for products made from top grade aluminium. Our business is spreaded all over india and other countries like, middle east countries & south africa.
Our goal is to widely grow with effeciency and excellency in quality business.


Our vision is to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society.


Our mission is to recognize & foster responsible production sourcing and direction aluminium following all the core values.

Manufacturing Process

Aluminium scrap is to be melted in the pit furnaces. The burners of the furnaces are to be started and then, slowly aluminium scrap will be charged in the furniture as per the space available for melting of the aluminium scrap. When the furnace is filled with full of molten metal, after the proper temperature is achieved, and then over all powder is spread over the surface of the molten metal, which helps in removing impurities from the molten metal.

The impurities are skimmed off from the top of the molten and the cleaned molten metal of aluminium is available for casting.

Now this molten aluminium is ready to cast in different type of modules, and this molten metal is to be poured in the moulds to get the required shape, size of finished product of aluminium ingot, aluminium cube, aluminium notch bar etc.

This is the manufacturing process of aluminium ingot, aluminium cube and aluminium notch bar.